Sergey V. Smelyakov
Dr. Sergey V. Smelyakov is a professor at two universities in Kharkov, Ukraine, a member of several academic councils.
  He is a member of the Golden Fund of Cyclic Science of Russia, President of the Kharkov Regional Astrological Centre.
  His M.A. degree is in Applied Mathematics, first Ph.D. in Cybernetics, and his Doctor's degree is in Numerical Methods and Mathematical Modelling.
  Owing to the grants, he was reporting the results of his researche pertaining to this site in England, Scotland, Germany, Russia.
  His birth data are June 22, 1953, 5:47 AM UT, Kharkov, USSR.
  35-V Astronomicheskaia Str., Apart. 52, Kharkov, 61085, UKRAINE astrotheos@yahoo.c o m
  References: Ambrose M. Venus in Sagittarius (On Biography of Sergey Smelyakov) // The International Astrologer, Vol. XXVIII (1999), N. 1. - P. 9 11.

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